April’s Pink Supermoon in Saskatchewan

When the moon rose above the boreal forest in Saskatchewan, Canada just after 7pm on April 7, 2020 it was full, it was big and it was bright pink.

A supermoon occurs when the moon is slightly closer (by tens of thousands of km’s) to the earth and appearing slightly larger. The change in size is almost unnoticeable to the eye, but it can be a measurable difference if studied closely. There are a few supermoons in 2020 but this is the largest, meaning the moon is being viewed at its closest position to earth.

The first full moon of spring is known as the ‘Pink Moon’ due to spring flowers, not because its known to be pink. However, when the atmosphere is right, as the sun sets in the west there is a possibility of the moon rising with a golden glow. This is exactly what happened to mark the largest supermoon of the year!

The April Pink Supermoon of 2020 was an amazing display of colour while it was rising in the eastern sky and the sun was setting in the west in Saskatchewan, Canada.

I had about twenty minutes before the clouds started to cover the moon. So while it was rising and changing shades of pink I was able to capture some of its beauty. The Pink April Supermoon was one to remember.

In case you missed it, the Full Moon in May will be another supermoon!

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