Saskatchewan Northern Lights Workshop: Aurora Boreal

Have you ever wanted to see the northern lights? Have you wanted to learn more about them? Are you interested in aurora photography? Looking to explore Saskatchewan’s incredible night skies?

Then you might be interested in my NEW workshop series! Blending aurora science, photography and in field aurora chasing – this workshop welcomes both photographers and aurora enthusiasts! Aurora Boreal: Saskatchewan Northern Lights Photography Workshop series will include two options, Winter Magic in March and Autumn Wonders in September.

This workshop series is extra special to me as it’s hosted in my own hometown and where most of my photography is captured in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The workshop dates have been carefully selected to increase your chances of seeing the northern lights in Saskatchewan! With two dates to choose from, held either in the winter or fall, these workshops are also carefully planned with the moon phase in mind.

Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan is an access and affordable place to see the northern lights. Accessible just a few hours from the nearest airport and along main highways in Saskatchewan, the location offers some of the darkest skies available on earth!

Come and be mesmerized by the northern lights and the amazing views of the night sky for these 3 day / 2 night workshops. For more detailed information on everything included in the package, visit the workshop page here.

Aurora Boreal: Winter’s Magic – March 24-26, 2023

With the advantage of long nights, and often clear sky, the March workshop will allow you to capture the beauty of the sparkling frozen landscape under the night sky. There’s a certain magic in the winter as the snow crunches under your feet in the silence of the night. A warm shelter will be provided during night shoots.

Aurora Boreal: Autumn Wonders: Sept. 15-17, 2023

Surrounded by the beautiful fall colours, this workshop will let you capture the highlights of the season. The forest is beautiful this time of year, and the lakes are open for reflections! With milder temperatures, this is a popular time to chase the northern lights.

More information on Available Packages

This will be a small group photography workshop where the focus will be on the northern lights and you, your gear and getting you comfortable shooting at night! Space is limited per workshop – Book now!

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