Northern Lights in Saskatchewan Nightlapse

Capturing the beauty of the night has always been a focus of my work. Being able to share the night as I see it is important to me. The Northern Lights in Saskatchewan are a beautiful subject to photograph. Although still photography has always been my focus, I wanted to be able to share the movement in a way that can create part of the emotion felt when these scenes unfold in real life.

In the past couple years I’ve been able to work on compiling timelapse videos. Each video is created from around 300 images each. The span of time varies depending on the shutter length and activity of the show. Each nightlapse represents anywhere from a half hour to 2 hours of time.

A personal project, I have been focusing a bit more on capturing this beautiful motion of the northern lights and night sky. Through timelapse, the movement comes to life to partially recreate the feeling of that moment. In 2021 I captured more than 50 different nightlapses, and this video showcases 35 of my favourite. With over 7500 photos included, compiled at 24fps.

Providing a short glimpse at a years worth of exploring, adventure and learning along the way. Hope you enjoy my annual nightlapse featuring the beauty of night in the land of living skies, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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