Northern Lights in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan, the land of living skies by day and night! Saskatchewan is located in a unique position under the aurora oval, with the ability to observe the northern lights all year long. Meaning, even on the shortest night of the year in June there is still just enough darkness for a short period of time to witness the lights dance across the sky. Although, the best season for viewing is winter, when there are many more hours of darkness to enjoy the show!

With many rural areas, small towns and villages located along the boreal forest fringe, there are plenty of spots to watch the northern lights. Much of northern Saskatchewan is covered in crown forested land, making the views to the north very dark and light pollution is limited. I recommend anywhere north west or north east of Saskatoon (if flying in – Saskatoon has an international airport). Or head north of Saskatoon past Prince Albert to avoid the city light pollution.

Getting at least 100km away from a major center really allows you to see the dark sky. The further you can get from a city the better. Light pollution can really drowned out the stars and lights. For the best views make sure you have a clear and dark view to the north. I write about some Aurora Hunting tips here.

Here are some recent photos from 2018 – 2020 of the Northern Lights seen near Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The sky is alive with color and movement, on a clear night the stars shine bright and the Northern Lights can take your breath away.

7 thoughts on “Northern Lights in Saskatchewan

  1. These pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing some tips on seeing the Northern Lights in Sask. Definitely a dream to see them one day.

    Do you sell any of your photos by chance?

    Love everything you post! Keep up the great work 🙂


  2. Absolutely stunning photos!! Cannot wait to get a chance to have that experience, thanks for the awesome tips!!


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