Frozen Moonlight – Photo Series

As primarily an Aurora Photographer, I typically don’t plan many outings during a full or almost full moon. If you are into Night Photography at all, you have probably heard to avoid nights where the moon is over 50% illuminated. This is because the light of the full moon will fade out most of the stars for Milky Way shots and the Aurora has to be really strong to shine through on such a bright kind of night. But the light from the Moon is unique, it casts a shadow in the night that moves elegantly across the landscape. This unique light inspired me to head out under the almost full moon and capture some frozen Canadian landscapes.

Frozen Moonlight

The Moonlight creates a magical winter wonderland during a delicate time of year.

It’s November in Saskatchewan, Canada and the freeze up is well underway. The Frozen Moonlight mini series was captured on a cold night with the moon as the only light source. It was below -20° and the wind made it feel almost another 10° colder, I spent several hours outside capturing the frost sparkle in the moonlight.

Under the Frozen Moonlight. It was Magical.

Frosty long exposure with soft water under moonlight
The Frost Shines in the Moonlight – Saskatchewan- Canada
Frost Flowers Forming – Saskatchewan- Canada
Winter photo with moonlight in Saskatchewan, Canada
The Frozen Flow – Saskatchewan – Canada
The Ice Forms – Saskatchewan – Canada
The Winter Freeze Up – Saskatchewan – Canada

Learning to shoot under the moonlight can be challenging, its a different form of Night Photography than I am used. It was so refreshing to head out for a night to challenge myself and work on my vision. I will share my tips and tricks for cold weather photography soon.

Keep Warm!


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