A Passion built off one Click

I am often asked: How did you get into Night Photography? Do you ever take photos during the day? Where did you learn it? Do you ever sleep?

Now let me start by giving you a quick look into how my passion for sharing the beauty of the night sky has unfolded..

I started this journey into night photography only a couple years ago, I am entirely self taught and a victim of many late nights out just practicing and learning as I go. In 2015, I got a Canon Rebel T5i as a gift. It was my first Digital camera with the ability to keep the shutter open long enough to capture night photos (known as long exposure). It wasn’t until 2016, after reading and learning lots about it, I took my very first night shot… and with that click of the shutter… I was hooked on how amazing night photography is!

I also quickly learnt that I had much more to learn and the challenge to improve was on. By going out countless nights and learning through a trial and error process, I continued my quest to improve my skills. In 2017 I started my business, Northern Escape Photography as a way to share the beauty of the night sky (and hundreds of photos I’ve collected) with others through digital and printed mediums.

Aurora Storm – 2018

I was born and raised in a small town tucked away in the boreal forest in Saskatchewan. Seeing the northern lights, meteor showers and endless stars were all a part of growing up for me. It wasn’t until moving away and traveling to larger and more populated areas, I realized how fortunate I was to have seen the night sky in such a way that most people on earth have never been lucky enough to see. When I moved back to my hometown I remained fascinated by the beauty of the sky.

I have always been interested in space and astronomy. When I was a little girl, my dad would wake me up in the middle of the night when he got home from work just to sit on the deck and watch meteor showers or the northern lights dance overhead. Those are moments I will never forget. Then fast forward to school, I would often do my science experiments centered on cosmic theories and studies. Even in University, when I was required to study a science to complete my Bachelor of Arts degree, I naturally choose… Astronomy.

It became clear at a young age, I was curious about the sky and mix that with a love for photography, its no wonder I have found my passion in Night Photography. Not saying that I don’t enjoy all types of photography, – and yes I do take photos during the day as well –  it is just the night sky and the unknown adventure it provides each time that has me totally hooked! I am constantly trying to learn and expand my understanding while capturing and sharing the beautiful night sky with others.

The most ironic part about me being a night photographer is that I am actually a morning person! It’s usually hard for me to stay awake late, or plan to be up all night, that is until I take my first photo, then the passion and love takes over and before you know it I am driving back home at odd hours of the night/early morning after a long night out shooting the beautiful sky with no regrets in the world. Sometimes it ends up being a bit too late considering I work a full time day job as well but its the true passion and love for night photography that keeps me going out to capture these beautiful and memorable moments.

Northern Lights in 2018 – Saskatchewan, Canada

I am still very new to Night Photography, and I realize I have so much more to learn but my passion and love will keep me determined to improve and explore. A beautiful photo to me isn’t just about the artwork it creates, it represents an adventure, a quest to learn and an ever growing passion for the Night Sky!

Keep your eye on the Stars… and thanks for joining me as I learn & share about my journey!

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